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Court Divisions

To best serve your needs, please select one of the divisions below.

  • Civil

    A civil lawsuit may involve dispute resolution of the private rights and legal issues between individuals, business entities or non-profit organizations.

  • Collections

    If you fail to pay a court ordered fine, the court may send a civil assessment notice. This page provides payment information.

  • Criminal Court

    A Criminal Action is the procedure by which a person is accused of committing a crime is charged and brought to trial. 

  • Family Court Services

    Family law issues include dissolution (divorce), legal separation, child custody and visitation, probate and guardianships, child support, spousal support and domestic violence.

  • Juvenile

    The Juvenile Court is a division of the Sutter Superior Court handling dependency, delinquency and emancipation matters. 

  • Probate

    Probate is the court process of administering the estate of a deceased person by resolving all claims and distributing the deceased person¹s property under a will.

  • Small Claims

    Small claims court is a special court where rules are simple and informal, and disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively. All parties involved in a claim represent themselves without an attorney.

  • Traffic

    Traffic Court deals with violations of traffic laws and other minor offenses, such as fishing without a fishing license. Unlawful Detainers cases involve landlord-tenant disputes.

  • Appeals

    A Limited Civil appeal (for disputes involving $25,000 or less, including unlawful detainers), must file your notice of appeal within 30 days.

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