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Court Security

The entrance to the Sutter County Superior Court is monitored by security.

Visitors are asked to enter through the magnetometer after placing personal items such as handbags, briefcases, portfolios, umbrellas and packages on a conveyor belt for x-ray inspection. Other smaller items such as coins, metallic jewelry, belt buckles, cell phones and PDAs should be placed in a basket before passing through the magnetometer. A hand scan and extensive pat down will be conducted if you alarm the metal detector or are referred to additional screening.

Video Surveillance

All offices, courtrooms and hallways are monitored by video surveillance.

The following are examples of items prohibited at the court. The general public will not be admitted with:

  • any type of firearm
  • knives
  • tools or sharp objects that can be used as weapons
  • mace or pepper spray

Also, food and beverages are prohibited. Please leave any items you are unsure about at home or in your vehicle.

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