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Court Holidays

2024 Judicial Holidays

Date Day Holiday
1/1/2024 Monday New Year's Day
1/15/2024 Monday Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday
2/12/2024 Monday Lincoln's Birthday
2/19/2024 Monday Presidents' Day
4/1/2024 Monday Cesar Chavez Day
5/27/2024 Monday Memorial Day
6/19/2024 Wednesday Juneteenth
7/4/2024 Thursday Independence Day
9/2/2024 Monday Labor Day
9/27/2024 Friday Native American Day
11/11/2024 Monday Veteran's Day
11/28/2024 Thursday Thanksgiving
11/29/2024 Friday Day after Thanksgiving
12/25/2024 Wednesday Christmas Day

2025 Judicial Holidays

Date Day Holiday
1/1/2025 Wednesday New Year's Day
1/20/2025 Monday Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday
2/12/2025 Wednesday Lincoln's Birthday
2/17/2025 Monday Presidents' Day
3/31/2025 Monday Cesar Chavez Day
5/26/2025 Monday Memorial Day
6/19/2025 Thursday Juneteenth
7/4/2025 Friday Independence Day
9/1/2025 Monday Labor Day
9/26/2025 Friday Native American Day
11/11/2025 Tuesday Veteran's Day
11/27/2025 Thursday Thanksgiving
11/28/2025 Friday Day after Thanksgiving
12/25/2025 Thursday Christmas Day

2026 Judicial Holidays

Date Day Holiday
1/1/2026 Thursday New Year's Day
1/19/2026 Monday Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday
2/12/2026 Thursday Lincoln's Birthday
2/16/2026 Monday Presidents' Day
3/31/2026 Tuesday Cesar Chavez Day
5/25/2026 Monday Memorial Day
6/19/2026 Friday Juneteenth
7/3/2026 Friday Independence Day
9/7/2026 Monday Labor Day
9/25/2026 Friday Native American Day
11/11/2026 Wednesday Veteran's Day
11/26/2026 Thursday Thanksgiving
11/27/2026 Friday Day after Thanksgiving
12/25/2026 Friday Christmas Day

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