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Frequently Asked Questions

Traffic FAQs

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Certain vehicle violations can be the responsibility of the registered owner rather than the driver. Such violations include those related to registration, equipment, and weight limitations. If a driver has been cited for these violations, the citation may have been marked as "Owner's Responsibility". The owner of the vehicle will be mailed a notice to appear. If the owner fails to take action on this notice it may prevent the renewal of the vehicle's registration.

To obtain an extension, please come to the Traffic Division in person or call 530-822-3303 during regular business hours. If you were arrested and posted bail to appear, the clerk cannot change the date or time of the appearance.

Traffic citations are not automatically on the Court's calendar. The appearance date noted on a traffic citation is usually a due date, not a Court appearance date. If you received an infraction ticket, you must take care of your ticket on or before the date on your ticket or reminder notice. Otherwise, additional penalties will be added.

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